Hello and welcome, so this time you really do mean to lose weight, and shed that unwanted flab, congratulations.

The playing of this tape can help you rid those unwanted negative thoughts, which at this time are holding you back from losing that unwanted extra weight that you are now carrying.

The playing of this tape can have amazing affects, upon your body and mind, either within a short time or over a longer projected period. For best results you will need to play this tape for a minimum of thirty days. The playing of this tape for thirty days will benefit you in two ways. Firstly your subconscious mind will become saturated with positive suggestions for change and secondly it takes a minimum of thirty days for changes from within, allowing your mind and body to adapt to the suggestions within this tape.

Playing this tape at your bedtime is also acceptable as your subconscious mind never sleeps, playing this tape at your bedtime will possibly guide you into a deep slumber where your subconscious mind will absorb the messages within. However you will also need to play this tape at a time when you are less likely to fall asleep, as your conscious mind will need the guidance for the suggestions for change.   

Lets begin.


Find yourself either laying down on a bed or sitting in a comfortable chair, feet, and legs apart, hands resting by your side.

Begin by taking a long deep breath into your lungs, and .................. Back to List        Holistic Books and tapes