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Introduction to Iashh
Established 1987

Become the person you were meant to be.
Can you imagine your life without fears, doubts or tension? Would you like to become rich or full of confidence and have inner strength? All this could be yours with the help of
 Mind Power Subliminal Programming


Within you, is the ability, the seed of greatness, an unlimited potential. It is only awaiting the stimulation of your desire, to spring forth and bring you to what ever you desire. You have the key to that door. Only you can unlock it. For many people, a subliminal tape is the first step in unlocking that door. How They Work Each subliminal tape is designed to stimulate and enhance your thought processes for change. It is your subconscious mind that is the real power center of your being. It is the seat of your memory, the monitor of all bodily processes. It regulates your heart beat and monitors your blood pressure, plays chemist for up to 2000 drugs and chemical compounds which are released into your body system. It analyses input from your senses like an ultra sophisticated computer, which it is. Your subconscious will accept and bring into reality any suggestion presented to it. When the suggestions are positive and accompanied with visual imagery the results are truly amazing. Subliminal tapes are designed for use at any time, day, or night. For each tape has a series of suggestions masked by gentle wave music to bring about a pleasant state of Mind. Playing the tape's at your regular bedtime will cause you to drift into a deep, natural, and restful sleep. Because your subconscious mind never sleeps, it will accept suggestions for change without the interference from your conscious mind. Repeated playing for 30 days will saturate your mind with positive suggestions that are designed to bring about the changes you desire.

How Subliminal Persuasion can change Your Life!

Subliminal recordings were made possible only by the invention of motion pictures and sound recordings. Subliminal technology and its power to change people can be read in Vance Packards book "The Hidden Persuaders." The book tells the story of what happened when the word's popcorn and drink Coke were inserted into single frames of motion picture film. At 25 frames per second, the messages popped on the screen so briefly they were not even seen by the conscious mind. But, the subconscious mind picked them up. By the time they had flashed on the screen about two dozen times, the impressions they had made on the subconscious caused that part of the mind to send an urgent message to the appetite, You are hungry for popcorn. Before the film was over, most of the audience was munching happily on popcorn and drinking Coke; they had no intention of buying!


At this moment the programming of your inner mind determines your personality, your ways of thinking, habits and attitudes. After your subconscious mind, accepts the positive suggestions from the Subliminal Mind Power Tapes, its power is then released to help you achieve your goals, your success and happiness, automatically without conscious effort on your half. Let these tapes, program you and release your unlimited potential, let them help you achieve what ever you want in life, and get ready for exciting, and rewarding changes. All the subliminal tapes series are also available in self-hypnosis format Research on sleep and psychonomic science Medical scientist have discovered amazing facts about human learning and re-programming behaviour of the subconscious mind


Subliminal learning offers a self-help alternative to anybody wishing to avail him or beneficial changes and personal growth. Of course, as with ordinary learning methods, results vary markedly with the individual. In Time magazine, Sept. 10, 1979, an article ran concerning Secret Voices. The article mentioned that about 50 department stores in the U.S. and Canada have installed a device that commingles the music of Musak system broadcasts with subliminal anti-theft messages (I am honest. I will not steal. If I do steal, I will be caught and sent to jail.). The words changed slightly every now and then, but the basic message remained the same, and repeated itself 9,000 times every hour. Professor Hal C. Becker invented the little black box to deliver the technique through speeded up, barely audible messages (2 1/2 times normal speed) in conjunction with the pleasant background music of the department store (see U. S. patent no. 3,278,676 by Hal C. Becker). (Using a Variable Speech Controller (VSC), recorded speech can be speeded up without increasing the pitch and sounding like Donald Duck.) Results indicated that theft and internal, inventory shrinkage was actually reduced by up to 37% in stores using subliminal messages. Using Beckers honesty reinforcement and theft deterrent system, one department store company saved more than half a million dollars in only 10 months through cutting shoplifting and employee pilferage. Such success prompted other store chains to order their own secret installations of the system as well. Can attitude modification be accomplished by listening to subliminal cassette tapes? Self-improvement tapes are sold by mail order, with whisper-like suggestions buried within white noise or the sounds of gentle wave music.

Since human behavior is an outer manifestation of inner belief systems, subliminal messages can often act as the stimulus to condition a more beneficial response. They have the potential to excite, arouse, anger, or pacify human behavior. They can assist memory by attitude changes toward retention of knowledge. In addition to psychological modifications, physiological changes can also be brought about through subliminal input. As the placebo effect in medicine has demonstrated, the mind can bring about cellular changes, and subliminal input can contribute to this process of self-healing with subconscious embeds. As doctors learned in medical school, over 50% of all patients brought into hospitals are suffering from hypochondriac ailments. By understanding and enhancing the placebo effect or mind over body connection, better insight as to the minds ability to heal the body can be learned. By examining and altering the negative patterns buried in the subconscious which often manifest themselves into self-punishing, physical ailments, most disease can be prevented and cured.

Subliminals can also heighten your immune system in this process. Living cells of the body are naturally designed to preserve themselves. Self-destruct processes occur when negative messages from the subconscious conflict with this self-preservation process. Subliminal input can be used as a tool to correct these imbedded patterns to bring about beneficial changes and personal growth. Of course, as with ordinary learning methods, results vary markedly with the individual.

The fact that subliminal suggestions can reach the subconscious through audio - as well as through visual stimulation - is a much more recent discovery. Medical students taught by George Lozanov M.D. in Sofia, Bulgaria first tried it. Where it was used to enhance the foreign language vocabulary and increase the mathematical ability of the students. With few exceptions, it takes less than 30 days to make a change in your life. If, after 30 days of using a program, you have not made the change you desire return the tape for a full refund. Some tapes like Natural Bust Enlargement, Improving your Vision and Hearing Loss Restored will take longer than 30 days for a complete change. If more time is required, the tape will say so. But you will still experience some difference after 30 days of use. The scientific research on subliminal persuasion. In a way, what we consciously see is all there is to see, but all there is to see is much more than what we see. What do we perceive on a subconscious level that we do not see on a conscious level? Since we can perceive more with an attentive expectation mind set, is attentiveness consciousness?

People are immersed in subliminal stimuli all day long. Many sounds, smells, and visual input occur without conscious acknowledgement, but are nevertheless Subconsciously recorded. Human beings sense, perceive, and react to a lot of consciously undetected stimuli. Ultrasonics, infrasonics, radar, microwaves and various forms of radiation can produce bodily reactions without conscious awareness, so obviously there are various levels of awareness within human beings. Even while asleep or with certain brain areas anesthetized, other brain areas can perceive certain things and cause the body to respond to stimuli.

During World War II, tacticians found that pilots and gunners were unable to distinguish the silhouettes of planes seen at a distance. In some instances, pilots and gunners even shot down friendly planes. To solve thisproblem, Air Force psychologists developed the tachistoscope, which is simply a machine that flashes words, numbers or images for varying instants of time on a visible screen. By flashing fairly large pictures of friendly and enemy aircraft at slow speeds, while gradually increasing the exposure speed and decreasing the size of the aircraft image, pilots could be quickly trained to recognize even speck-like representations of different planes when flashed at only 1/100th of a second. In fact, U.S. Navy ship gunners were trained to identify more than 2,000 silhouettes at one sitting without a mistake. The human brain takes in all the information it needs to build a response from even an image flashed at 1/100th of a second. Keith E. Barenklau at the International Safety Academy, Houston, TX, uses tachistoscopic instruction to teach student drivers to recognize and respond quickly to potential, vehicle-collision situations.

Our Packaging:

IASHH provide discrete packaging. You are the only one who will know what youre listening to. Sound Masking Subliminal messages, acoustical formulas which open the doors of the Subconscious mind. Transition Pre-Programming: Because our tapes contain powerful suggestions, each program comes with a standard programming designed to reduce change-shock. Subliminal Security: Part of the program contains Subliminal Security, which filters out unwanted subliminal messages from other (unknown) sources. Looping Transmissions: Our script features loops the subliminal content so it actually  spawns itself and continues to repeat long after the original source of programming has been removed. With these unique features, and titles designed to move your potential into reality.

SOUND LIBRARY (for use in creating masked subliminals)


Sound Mask 2 - CELTIC HARPS


Sound Mask 4 - JET STREAMS


Sound Mask 6 - WAVE MUSIC

Sound Mask 7 - HEART BEAT


Sound Mask 9 - WIND & RAIN

Sound Mask 10-FLUTE

Sound Mask 10-OPEN FIRE

We also use different pitch frequencies for the messages, meaning they are in male, female, and children voice frequency ranges. We use all of them on a rotating basis with the same script so that our tapes will be universal for anyone who speaks English. TAP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Scientifically researched brain wave frequencies and inspirational, original music guide brain activity into expanded mental states where subliminal messages are easily absorbed and integrated. These carefully tested words and phrases release self-sabotaging behaviour and create desired changes.

NOTE: Although many people may be helped with these programs IASHH do not otherwise warrantee recommend any particular program, nor are results guaranteed. Follow directions carefully for best results. These programs are not intended as a substitute for any actual therapy. Subliminal Mind Power Programs are the creation and Copyright of (IASHH) The Institute of Applied Science for Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy


1) Super Memory

2) Speed Reading

3) Concentration

4) Better Exam Marks

5) Develope Good Study Habits

6) Creative Writing


7) Super Energy

8) Exercise Enjoyment

9) Lower Blood Pressure

10) Relaxation

11) Stress & Anxiety Releif

12) Insomnia Relief

13) Weight Loss (See Introduction Script)

14) Weight Stable

15) Weight Gain

16) Stop Smoking (See Introduction Script)

17) Up from Depression

18) Wart Removal

19) Stop Nail Biting

20) Self Healing (See Induction Script)

21) Peace of Mind

22) Stop being Angry

23) Freedom from Worry

24) Hyperactive Children

25) Stop Stuttering

26) Stop Bed Wetting

27) Migraine Releif

28) Pain Releif

29) Freedom from Allergies

30) Freedom from acne

31) Menstrual Problems

32) Bust Enlargement

33) Stop hair Loss

34) Healthy Teeth and Gums

35) Better Hearing

36) Better Sight

37) Healthy Body

38) Mental Health

39) Slow Down Ageing

40) Habit Relief

41) Drug Relief

42) Stop Drinking



44) Water

45) Driving

46) Death

47) Crowds

48) Closed-in-Places

49) Heights

50) Open Places

51) Spiders

52) Snakes

53) Rodents

54) Dogs

55) Animals

56) People

57) Public Speaking

58) Fear

59) Cats

60) Birds


61) Money Prosperity

62) Assertiveness

63) Subconscious Sale's Power

64) Self Confidence

65) Will Power

66) Procrastination

67) Positive Thinking

68) Decision Making

69) Problem Solving

70) Enthusiasm

71) Handling Disappointment

72) Handling Criticism

73) Goal Achievement

74) Creative Thinking

75) Self Imaging

76) Super Achievement


77) Better Golf

78) Better Bowling

79) Better Tennis

80) Better Darts

81) Boxing

82) Athletic's

83) Running

84) Archery

85) Shooting

86) Swimming

87) Football

88) Ball Games

89) Throwing

90) Cricket

91) Fishing

92) Batting

93) Winning

94) Weight Lifting

95) Body Building

96) Riding

97) Driving

98) Horse Riding

99) Skiing

100) Balancing

101) Jumping

102) Snooker

103) Pool

104) Sport

105) Rugby

106) Water Sport

107) Sailing


108) better Sex

109) Attract Love

110) Sex Appeal

111) Enjoy Sex

112) Impotent

113) Find a Partner

114) Keeping a Partner

115) Loneliness

116) Love Making

117) Orgasm

118) Jealous

119) Romance

120) Relationship

121) Love

122) Conception

123) Increase Sperm

124) Climax

125) Loss of a Loved One


126) Stop Stealing

127) Eat More

128) Drink More

129) Buy More

130) Stay Longer

(All Programs are available with instant Download on MP3 or CD only 4.99 each)

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