Stop Smoking Script

Find yourself either laying down on a bed or sitting in a comfortable chair, feet, and legs apart, hands resting on your laps.Begin by taking a long deep breath into your lungs, and hold, hold to the mental count of 4, exhaling slowly, closing your eyes and relaxing. And again, inhale filling your lungs and hold count to 4 and release all the air in a low slow sigh.

Imagine with me, that you find yourself out in nature. Create a beautiful warm sunny day. Blue skies and small white puffy clouds, just rolling bye.
This private place that you’ve created in your mind, perhaps, on a mountaintop, a sandy beach, or a grassy field, wherever you are.
I want you to relax
x x x x x x x x x x Cont.....etc
Remember how smoking made your eyes smart and how the tears came? Do you remember coming into a room where many people were smoking and how your eyes began to smart?  That's the stuff you have been inhaling and drawing down into your lungs.  Affecting the lung tissue, If it irritates your eyes, imagine what effect it must have on your lung tissue; etc... Back to Script     Holistic Books and tapes

Subliminal Power