It is the belief of the institute that we encourage the general public in the practical use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Practicle Lessons in Hypnotherapy

Hypnotism is the practical science of our age, it enters into our every day life and confers advantages that cannot be acquired through any other medium.. It practices is no longer a mere pastime for amusementand sensation; as professional men of the highest standing now recognise its value and seek to profit by its benefits and scientists regard it as a natural power, for ages kept dormant but apparently destined to perform an active part in the welfareand development of future generations.

To study hypnotism is like trying to fathom the hidden mysteries of magic and  human miracles and making them matters of absolute knowledge.  The possibilities are almost boundless and are interwoven with every phase of  human life and its powers are largely responsible for the successful termination of modern business and social undertakings.

It does not require years of study to become a hypnotist, for this great blessing to mankind is a natural endowment possessed by practically everyone  and capable of being developed by all who will devote to its study the  patience and energy always so necessary for the development of natural talents.

The rewards are great for those that follow the persistent study of hypnotism;  for it is a science that bestows upon its devotees a power that seems almost superhuman, it overcawes everyone who witnesses its indisputable facts and its marvellous manifestations. It overthrows the theories of judges and philosophers and theologians and shakes the faith of material scientists in their preconceived opinions.

It supplants the physician and the surgeon and cures the afflicted and deformed whom they pronounced beyond the hope of recovery.

It breaks the chains of demoralizing and destructive habits, it comforts the sorrowing and brings peace of mind to those distracted by the perplexities of life, it abolishes periods of time and extents of distance, it makes the lame to walk and strengthens the weak and causes the raving maniac to become docile as a little babe, it checks the hand of death and snatches almost from the grave the grim destroyer’s victims, it loosens the tongue of the stammerer, overcomes the self consciousness of the backward and tempers the impetuosity of the rash enthusiast.

To mankind, in every walk of like, it is a blessing... Leading his inmost thoughts to higher and nobler things; developing his powers to plan and to execute and giving him social, financial and intellectual eminence among his fellow men. All this and more is HYPNOTISM.

William Wesley Cook, MD. 1901


(a) To impart to students the knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and to train them in methods of inducing and managing the hypnotic state.

(b) To provide ongoing training whereby the institute can; inform and keep abreast the latest techniques and developments to all their students and professionals alike

(c) To have high regard and respect for the unique knowledge and control of ones own and other persons life experiences.

(d) To attain personal  growth.


(1) Manuscript eBooks
(2) Eductional Mp3/Wave Recordings
(3) Email Discussions
(4) Institute Certificate Diploma
(5) On-going membership training

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(a) We do not take any percentage of earnings thereafter

(b) Once qualified we give a complete backup and referral system

(c) The institute divorces itself from bad practice’s

(d) All payments to be paid in advance for membership of the Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy course

(e) The institute shall be fair without prejudice and reserve the right to withdraw membership

(f) Membership can be cancelled or suspended until further notice from any student at any time or period in the future at no extra cost

(IASHH) The institute of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy is the company trading name and all decisions are unequivocal absolute

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The institute of Applied Science for Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy (IASHH) courses are
structured in accordance with the needs of the individual. The practicle course is
made up of twelve eBooks in PDF manuscript over 200 pages in total
covering all the aspects of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy.

The  Membership will begin from the commencement of phase One and will include
Practical email discussions learning which includes scripts to refer back too.

 Wave download Recordings will be delivered by email
as part of your collection as a professional,

The course membership is a step-by-step guide entrancing the time for
student's to absorb information.

At the end of the first 12 part course the student would become proficient in the art of
hypnosis & hypnotherapy, concluding with a test of knowledge to an institute diploma. 
*(See Note)

Subscription/Membership will consist of on-going Training Via email

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Anchors. Accessing cues. Advanced induction methods. Abstract conditioning. Amnesia. Anaesthesia. Association of ideas. Auditory stimulation. Autonomic system. Braid affect. Basic process. Calibrating. Change personal history. Conditioned response training. Catalepsy. Commands. Countertransferance. Dangers of hypnosis. Deepening the trance. Development of practice. Deep hypnosis. Depth levels. Disguised hypnosis. Dissociation. Establishing rapport. Emergency awakening. Forced imbalance. Future auto suggestions. Free association. Handling resistance. History of hypnosis. Hypnoanalysis. Hypnotic age regression. Hallucinations. Hypnotic coma. Illusions. Ideomotor actions. Imagine suggestions. Induction techniques. Instantaneous hypnosis. Mass hypnosis. Measuring depths of trance. Medical applications. Nature of hypnosis. New behaviour patterns. Nature of suggestions. Non verbal suggestions. Negative hallucinations. Neuro-linguistic programming. Pacing. Past life regression. Post hypnotic suggestions. Progression. Producing somnobulism. Rapport. Reframing. Removing suggestion. Rapid inductions. Rules of the mind. Regression. Relaxation. Repetition. Reverse effort. Removing suggestion. Suggestibility methods. Sub-conscious & conscious mind. Sensory fixation. Signals. Sensorimotor methods. Somnablism. Subliminal suggestions. Subliminal training. Trance Induction methods. Trance management. Test of depth. Transference. Waking hypnosis.
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The Diploma Part of the Course
Part (1) Introduction to Hypnosis / The History of Hypnosis
Part (2) Understanding Hypnotherapy / Who can benefit
Part (3) Rules of the Mind Subconscious / Conscious
Part (4) Stress Management / Mood Levels
Part (5) Self Hypnosis / Practical Lessons
Part (6) RAPPORT  / Client Consultation
Part (7) Suggestibility Testing of Clients
Part (8) Induction / Awakening
Part (9) Induction Techniques / Practical
Part (10) Levels of Trance / Testing
Part (11) Stage Hypnosis / Mass Hypnosis
Part (12) Setting up your Practice / Qualification / Test Paper

Introduction to Hypnosis &
                                  HypnotherapyUnderstanding HypnosisRules of the MindStress Moods horizonsSelf HypnosisRapport Cosultultation
Suggestibilty TestingInduction TechniquesPracticle InductionsLevels of HypnosisStage HypnosisYour Diploma


Correspondence courses are becoming increasingly popular, The student saves hours of time, travel and  accommodation expense, and can study in their own surroundings, thus feeling more confident and in control of the situation and can learn at their own pace. Either Monthly or weekly as requested. The normal cost for such a course could exceed $ thousand of dollars.  Sets of lesson notes complete the foundation of twelve part Hypnosis & hypnotherapy course and assessment documents are sent at each stage, combined with on-line discussions, concluding with an institute diploma certificate. The first set of lessons are sent  after payment followed by Subscription instalments in advance, Also required is a passport photograph for our files and a personal questionnaire, all information is treated in the strictest confidence We believe the institutes correspondence course is perhaps the most comprehensive available on-line to-day of which our testimonials justify.

The Membership of IASHH commences from Approval and Schedule subscriptions payments
 “Your initial charge will be $47 You will then be charged the same each month until cancelled"

"Your initial charge will be $47. You will then be charged $47/month
for 11 months after your initial charge has been made."

Your qualification and membership is revued monthly thereafter

1st of Each Month:-- Member/Subscriber will receive Ebook PDF and Wave recordings
Download as Zip files. Via email.
Operating system required Microsoft Word, Audio, Adobe Acrobat,

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*Please note;
For those students who purchase the courses for their own betterment and do not intend to start a practice, on completion of a satisfactory test paper; a Diploma will be issued by the Colleges Head Tutor:  This however will not entitle them to treat the general public without the appropriate public liability insurance cover for legal and financial protection.

Please  see http://www.hypnosis.edu/aha/insurance/ for more information

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