Ron G Holland

As a young man Ron Holland was a budding entrepreneur and set up his own motorcycle shop. Very quickly he over expanded and ran into financial difficulties. He tried all the banks and the usual Venture Capital routes in Run Around City, all to no avail. Ron then visualised his practically empty motorcycle shops brimming with motorcycles. In actual fact, in his imagination he saw so many bikes he couldn’t close the showroom doors. Bikes were flooding in. He carried out his visualisation for three days. On the third day it hit him Eureka!

His inner voice said to him ‘You don’t need banks or venture capital. All you have to do is buy all the motorcycle papers and phone up people advertising their bikes for sale in the classified adverts.’ This hit Ron like a ton of Bricks! He made hundreds of phone calls offering to sell people bikes on a commission only basis and the bikes came flooding in. Once they were sold, Ron would extract is hefty pre-arranged commission and put a check for the balance in the mail. This is how Ron created his first fortune. He then went on to write the bestseller Talk and Grow Rich which over the past 25 years has created literally thousands of millionaires in over 32 countries.

He loves to tell the story of an accountancy client that came to him wanting to raise a $5,000,000 fund to kick-start a venture capital company. He took on the assignment and immediately started to visualise where $5,000,000 could possibly come from. Within an hour Ron had the solution and it worked liked dream. He helped the accountancy practice create a beautifully crafted brochure for the venture capital company, which they had printed. It showed them to be a VC company anyone would be proud to be part of. They then advertised for a suitable chairman and they were swamped with enquires. They sent out the brochure with a letter stating that the Chairman would be responsible for bringing on board the first $5,000,000 to kick-start the fund, thinking this would separate the men from the boys and pre-qualify and make the selection task a lot easier. It was amazing but every applicant to a man agreed to carry out the fund raising task! They started meeting the applicants and agreed a deal with the most suitable applicant where the chemistry was there and the $5m was on the table. Ron moved onto his next assignment, something he's been doing for the past 25 years, earning him the reputation of Top Biz Guru.

Author's Bio
Thousands of column inches have been written about the man and the book in literally hundreds of publications around the globe. Ron has been written up as the ‘entrepreneurs entrepreneur’ ‘Top Biz Guru,’ ‘Britain’s leading motivational speaker’ and ‘Quite possibly the greatest business and self development Guru in Britain.’

His famous book Talk and Grow Rich was year’s head of its time. The book has never been out of print in all those years and still sells in thirty two countries around the world and is printed in many languages including Danish, Indian, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, French. Now available in e-book format.

international bestseller Talk & Grow Rich - How to Create Wealth Without Capital. A philosophy so simple it's compelling!

How often have you tried to remember some elusive facts that hover just out of reach, only to find when you've given up and stopped trying the information just pops into your head? This is the secret behind my SSS formula.

Anyone can tap into the unlimited and infallible power of their subconscious mind, anytime they want to. We can all, at will, use SSS to discover ways and means to acquire anything we desire simply by talking to people. Listening to, or reading this version of my international best selling book you can discover how to persuade people to do what you want but have then think it was their idea. You'll learn how to generate so many foolproof ideas you'll need to carry around a pen and paper to capture them all - then you'll be shown how to turn them into money!

Talk & Grow Rich teaches you a whole new way of thinking that will enable you to unleash your inner powers and effortlessly propel you towards the life of your dreams. It's a sure-fire formula that has helped thousands of people all over the world regardless of their age, background or education. We know how absolutely critical the power of thought is for success, after the way that we think, probably the most powerful skill that you can ever learn is the ability to talk to people, to really engage them, and have a powerful influence over them. By learning the secrets of how to "click in" to the way other people are thinking, and talk directly to their subconscious rather than their conscious mind. This blockbuster bestseller has now been helping people accomplish their dreams for over quarter of a century!

Napoleon Hill states in the classic Think And Grow Rich - 'that you can never have riches in great quantities unless you can work yourself into a white heat of desire for money, and actually see yourself in possession of it.'

Ron G Holland in his classic sequel - Talk & Grow Rich shows exactly how you can really do that to unleash great wealth and enduring success.

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